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Concrete Palisades


Pricing is for materials only, prestressed palisades. We carry stock. Transport and delivery is calculated per km at a reasonable cost.

1.2m Height 1.8m Height 2.4m Height MPa
R336 p/m R456 p/m R576 p/m 20 MPa
R360 p/m R480 p/m R624 p/m 30 MPa
R396 p/m R504 p/m R672 p/m 40 MPa


Since 1969, we manufacture concrete products, including concrete palisades and walls. We manufacture all kinds of products, precast walling, concrete palisades and concrete fences, water gulleys, tree rings, concrete air bricks, basins, window sills, special poles and panels to build houses, and many more. We are the only company who offers a 10 year guarentee on all of our products. There are no other products on the market that can beat our product and pricing.

Strength and Durability

Our concrete palisades are strong and durable because they are all prestressed. Pre-stressed is the ultimate when it comes to strength. We are also one of the only companies who manufactures prestressed concrete palisades.

All of our concrete palisades undergow tough stress and pressure testing to ensure they are of the highest quality. In difficult areas, including clay ground types, our special brackets allow for beams to split out.


For almost 50 years we have been supplying the public with the best and highest quality product on the market. Our prestressed palisade beams have a pressure strength of 1700 MPa.


All of our concrete palisades are tested up to 40 MPa to deliver a reliable prdouct to our customers that nobody else can offer.

Poles and beams

All poles are reinforced with our own 8mm manufactured steel wire by Wilhesco.
All poles are slotted to take 2 prestressed beams.
Our prestressed palisade beams have a pressure strength of 1700 MPa.
Pressure strength from 20Mpa to 40Mpa, guarenteed for 10 years.
Our beams are prestressed with 9 holes tapered to fasten upright with 100mm x 8mm galvenized bolts.
The weight of each beam is 37KG.
All holes are grouted with a poxy to prevent any tampering of holes.
All our products have a smooth finish with a concrete color.

Transport and Delivery

Our transport division can transport and deliver up to 120m of 2.4m palisade walling with a 36ton super interlink truck, at a reasonable costs.

Your 36ton trucks loaded.


We offer installations for all of our products and have well established erection teams with many years of experience.

We are the only company who can plant 50 poles, 100m in length, 2.4m in height per hour. This means that you save on installation and erection costs.

No one can beat us since 1969. We are the best with prestress product

Other Specifications

We offer from 1.8m to 2.4m high concrete palisades, with our patented special brackets between beams.

We manufacture 3.6m poles for use with razor wire with plastic droppers into the 2.4. No steel brackets. For the razor wire, we use special plastic droppers.

Brackets for razor wire and electric fences can be installed with minimum cost. All bolts are cap screw galvenized to hold upright.

High quality prestressed palisades

1.2m High Prestress Heavy Duty Concrete Palisades