Concrete Palisade and Wall Manufacturers


Since 1969, we manufacture concrete products, including concrete palisades and walls. We manufacture all kinds of products, precast walling, concrete palisades and concrete fences, water gulleys, tree rings, concrete air bricks, basins, window sills, special poles and panels to build houses, and many more. We are the only company who offers a 10 year guarentee on all of our products. There are no other products on the market that can beat our product and pricing.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a reliable service and high quality products at an affordable price. Our concrete palisades are strong and durable because they are all prestressed. Prestressed is the ultimate when it comes to strength. All our products come with a 10 year guarantee.

Wilhesco is your online home for all your walling requirements. From Prefab walls through to Palisades, we are the number one source of products for securing and beautifying your home or business.

If you require more information, or a written quotation please feel free to contact us.

Wilhesco workers in safety uniform